My five theatre wishes for 2013

This is not the blog post I was planning to write. I am at least two reviews behind (including the magical My Fair Lady at the Crucible theatre in Sheffield), not to mention my looking back at 2012 and half a dozen other unfinished posts. But this post popped up, hurried and urgent, hardly revised, definitely not proofread. It won’t enhance my reputation. You continue at your own peril.

My five theatre wishes for 2013:

1) All theatres to put the running time of their shows at their website. It’s not much to ask, is it? I have a day job to go to the next morning, knowing the running time is indispensable.

2) Tim Walker (of the Sunday Telegraph) to stop reviewing theatre. I don’t even have to justify this.

3) Redesign for theatre websites. Most of them look like they have been designed twenty years ago.

4) The Oliviers to be broadcast on television. But only if they can do it right. And more television coverage for theatre in general.

5) I could ask for more public money for the arts, and better pay for stage actors. And I do. But let’s face it, this is not that kind of post.

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