Review: Overruled, three plays by George Bernard Shaw, at the Old Red Lion theatre

overrulled-web2-527x158_527x158Thirty-words review: Funny, absurd and ultimately tender, Overruled, the first production of the newly-established Wilmington theatre company, does justice to the language and spirit of George Bernard Shaw.

Will that be enough? Probably not. If I am honest, before the performance, I didn’t know what to expect. Not only was it my first time at the Old Red Lion theatre (an omission on my part as it has a very good reputation), but it was a new company tackling George Bernard Shaw in a space above a pub. Let’s be honest, it could go either way.

In the end, the evening was a perfectly formed and juicy little treat. Three short plays, stretching from frothy silliness to something tender and more profound, give the actors the opportunity to use language, conventions and characters in an exciting and playful balancing act. Continue reading