Comic Relief does Shakespeare (and a rare opportunity to see Jonathan Pryce as Hamlet)

We are still on Comic Relief weekend (which reminds me, if you haven’t donated already, do it now) and it’s right and proper there has been much talk about its many achievements over 25 years. Yet, despite extensive discussion, some are still overlooked. Like its contribution to Shakespearean studies.

Many have asked the question: could have Shakespeare benefited from an editor? But no one gave as succinct an answer as that: Continue reading

Video of the Week: Joss Whedon talks about Much Ado About Nothing

There are many reasons to love Shakespeare. Not least because, despite school curriculum and stuffy cultural commentators, he defies respectability. He inspires a fan’s devotion before he demands a critic’s appreciation. Throw in witches, ghosts and bloody violence, and he has more in common with sci-fi, comics and superheroes than it’s immediately obvious. (And that’s before the long tradition of Shakespearean actors playing in the sci-fi / fantasy sandbox. I mean, even Laurence Olivier played Zeus in the Clash of the Titans).

So Joss Whedon directing Much Ado About Nothing was always a mouth watering – and fitting – proposition. Now that the trailer is all over the internet, and doesn’t it look gorgeous, watch a couple of clips of Whedon talking about the project, both of them from the Glasgow Film Festival. This should tide you over till June, when the film is released in the UK.

Some choice quotes from the interviews: Continue reading