You know you go to the theatre a lot when… (the sequel)

We are overdue for a little silliness. Here is the sequel – with a topical twist – to my list of Things that Suggest You Go to The Theatre A Lot:

1) Richard Bean’s play at the National Theatre is your first thought when the verdict to the phone hacking trial is announced. (With thanks to Shanine for saying this exact thing on twitter).

2) IMDB is increasingly useless in answering the question “I have seen this actor before but I can’t remember where”.

3) You are excited about the third actor billed in the poster. The first two, not so much. (This might be old-fashioned snobbery though).

4) When you hear the word “thrust”, you think of a thrust stage. Honestly, that’s sad.

5) When you hear of tennis balls, you think of Henry V, not Wimbledon. Quite right too.

6) You recognise a designer’s work without having read their name in the programme. Or you think you do. Either way, it’s weird.

7) You primarily keep track of seasons in relation to booking periods.

8) You wonder what’s the difference between a staged reading and a rehearsed reading. Really, what’s the difference?

9) You see a play for the sole reason of not having visited the venue before.

10) You are running out of venues you haven’t visited.

Any more suggestions?



One response to “You know you go to the theatre a lot when… (the sequel)

  1. You spend your time in London watching 5 plays in 3 days and you regret that there’s no such a thing like Friday’s matinee 🙂 (this is unfortunately necessary when you live in another country but you still are London’s Theatre Addict…)

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