What happened to the characters in Jez Butterworth’s Mojo?

You know how it is. One thing led to another and a casual conversation turned inspiration to map the future of all the characters in Jez Butterworth’s Mojo. Thanks to revstan and @emst for contributions and ill-judged encouragement.

Without permission and with sincere apologies to Jez Butterworth. References to the 2013 production at the Harold Pinter theatre, directed by Ian Rickson.

L to R: Ben Whishaw (Baby), Sweets (Rupert Grint), Skinny (Colin Morgan), Potts (Daniel Mays), Mickey (Brendan Coyle). Photo Geraint Lewis

L to R: Ben Whishaw (Baby), Sweets (Rupert Grint), Skinny (Colin Morgan), Potts (Daniel Mays), Mickey (Brendan Coyle). Photo Geraint Lewis

SPOILERS for the play. I mean it.

Baby (played by Ben Whishaw): He changed his name (what was his name anyway?) and he and Silver Johnny ended up in New York. He tried to manage Silver Johnny’s singing career but between heroin addiction and fits of sexual jealousy, the partnership failed. After Silver Johnny moved west, he tried to become a singer himself, and although his attempts were met with derision, he got to know and have a fling with Lou Reed. He stuck around long enough to be Velvet Underground’s first manager, but was soon kicked out for threatening John Cale with a knife. He died of a heroin overdose soon after.

Silver Johnny (played by Tom Rhys Harries) : After a particularly nasty fight with Baby, Silver Johnny disappeared from New York, only to reappear as a low-level male escort in the midwest. He saved enough money to be able to reinvent himself as a second-hand car salesman. He got married and had two children. He lost his hair and got a beer belly.

Mickey (played by Brendan Coyle): Following the events at the Atlantic club, Mickey escaped to Liverpool to lay low and lick his wounds. Again, he got involved in the club scene and met the Beatles at the start of their career. He briefly considered managing the band but didn’t think they were pretty enough to make it in rock ‘n’ roll and the opportunity passed him by. After a decade or so, as he was ready to make his big move, american gangsters muscled their way into the Liverpool club scene. Due to a misunderstanding – he was ready to join the americans but the message got lost in translation – he got caught at the wrong side of the fight and got killed.

Potts and Sweets (Daniel Mays and Rupert Grint): For a while they languished between London and Margate, selling second-hand and stolen goods. In the late 60s, Potts – inspired by the great train robbery (it’s no coincidence that Daniel Mays has played Ronnie Biggs) – got them involved in a robbery that went wrong. Sweets got arrested and spent five years in prison. Potts escaped to South America, where he started driving stolen cars across borders before getting killed in a car accident.

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