My Theatre Quiz of the Year – What do you remember of 2013?

Question 1: guess the play and the character

Question 1: guess the play and the character

The National Theatre is not the only place to challenge your theatrical knowledge. And let’s face it, my theatre quiz is much more difficult. (Tip: many of the answers are somewhere in my blog. That was not done by design but it turns out this quiz is a blueprint of my obsessions).

1) Let’s start with something easy. Guess the play (and the character) from the props in the photograph.

2) Rupert Goold said: “[he is] the best verse speaker in the country, has that Zidane gift – more time than everyone else while speaking just as fast.” Who was he talking about?

3) In a 2013 production, these two actors played prisoner and the man who had him imprisoned. Ten years earlier, in 2003, they had (again) played prisoner and jailer in a National theatre production. Can you name both actors, and both plays?

4) Which two plays made references to Edmund Kean?

5) In 2013, this actor played a character in a play. The previous year, he had played an actor known for playing that same character. Can you name the actor and both plays?

6) What was the cast of The Pride holding at the curtain call?

7) Who played Tom Cruise on stage? Which play?

Simon Russell Beale and Jane Lapotaire in a 1993 production (question 9)

Simon Russell Beale and Jane Lapotaire in a 1993 production (question 8)

8) Jane Lapotaire returned to the stage this year with RSC’ Richard II and Simon Russell Beale is about to appear as King Lear at the National. This is a photo from a 1993 production of a play that was revived with great success this year. Which play, which theatre staged the 2013 revival, and the actors who played the Jane Lapotaire / Simon Russell Beale roles.

9) Alexi Kaye Campbell’s The Pride was revived brilliantly at Trafalgar studios. Which actor from a previous The Pride production strarred in two West End plays this year?

10) And to finish, a three part question a) name three productions that had an actor hanging upside down, b) name two productions that had egg smashing on stage and c) name one production that included the Hokey Cokey song.

ANSWERS (highlight the text to see the answers): 1) American Psycho, Patrick Pateman, 2) John Heffernan a propos of Edward II, 3) David Tennant, Nigel Lindsay in Richard II (2013) and The Pillowman (2003), 4) My Perfect Mind at the Young Vic and Trelawny of the Wells at the Donmar, 5) Adrian Lester in Othello (2013) and Red Velvet (2012), 6) Placards saying “To Russia With Love”, 7) Jonathan Bailey, American Psycho, 8) Ghosts, Almeida, Lesley Manville and Jack Lowden, 9)Ben Whishaw in Peter and Alice and Mojo, 10) (a) Mojo, Let the Right One In, Coriolanus (b) Children of the Sun and The Cripple of Inishmaan (c) Edward II at the National. End of answers.

Let me know how you did.

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