What do your twitter photos say about you?

Some times, when looking at other people’s twitter accounts, I look at the photos they have posted. More than profile summaries and tweets, they provide a window into their twitter soul. A tapestry of obsessions, it works better than a Rorschach test.


twitter photo 1


In no particular order, these are some of the photos I have posted on twitter. For a bit of silliness and as a game, can you match the description to the photo? A little bit like Only Connect,but more difficult and with added insght to my obsessions. (No prizes for identifying the overall theme, it can’t be theatre surely?)

Here is the list:

twitter photo 7Two Hamlets (one of them very very young)

Three early stage roles for David Tennant

One panel discussion about Harold Pinter

One made up production of a Shakespearean play

A director talks about Edward II on twitter

The Chart of Lust from Grazia (but only because it includes a prominent playwright)

Simon Russell Beale doing Shakepseare

Propeller in (foyer) action

Promotional material for a new musical

twitter photo 8Poster for a Noel Coward play

Three Ben Whishaws (with a sprinkling of Judi Dench)

A photo from a british musical in New York

A poster for an americal musical in London

A ticket for a much anticipared RSC production in Stratford

Two items for Jez Butterworth’s Mojo playing in London from end of October

Silver Linings Playbook poster

And that’s the end of the list. Can we draw any conclusions? I think about theatre too much, but we knew that already. Hamlet, Shakespeare, musicals, David Tennant, Simon Russell Beale, old productions, press and marketing items are often present. The photos broadly match my Tags cloud.

And this is just an excuse to revisit old photos on a lazy Saturday afternoon. For the full list and captions, visit my twitter account.

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