At rehearsal with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Richard II

Unfortunately, the title of this post doesn’t reflect my personal experience but the multimedia and audience engagement work done by the Royal Shakespeare Company and Illuminations around the upcoming production of Richard II. (Yes, I am referring to the David Tennant / Greg Doran Richard II, and if you still don’t know what I am talking about, you definitely found your way here by mistake).

Richard II opens in less than three weeks – have they started feeling the pressure yet ? I might be taking too much pleasure in this thought – and the RSC has posted a series of production video diaries, of which the most recent is my favourite, as it provides a rare glimpse into the rehearsal process.

Along the same lines, John Wyver of Illuminations has blogged about his impressions of the rehearsal – an outsider and not an outsider, and I love how the mundane work place details add up to a vivid picture of the creative process. And Elliot Barnes-Worrell, a member of the company, is writing a series of blog posts for the RSC.

Last but not least, Jane Lapotaire – whose return at the RSC is one of the many attractions for this production – is being interviewed by Broadway World with her own take of the preparations.

UPDATE 25/09/2013: Whatsonstage published today a gallery of photographs from  the Richard II rehearsal room. Act I, Scene I if I am not mistaken.

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