List: You know you go to the theatre a lot when…

A few months back, my friend revstan posted a list with the above title. As we all pitched in and made it to number 40 or so, I decided to make it an annual tradition and add a few more each year.

Here is my contribution. You go to the theatre a lot when:

1) You instinctively know whether you can make it from a rehearsed reading that finishes at 6:50 to a play across town that starts at 7:30.
2) You know the shortest queue for the loo at each theatre (particularly important for the National and the Donmar)
3) You recognise actors behind the bar of various establishments
4) You haven’t used the main door of the Royal Court in five years.
5) You mourn when your favourite performance space closes.
6) The odd evening you are not at the theatre you insist that your friends text you at the interval details of the play they are seeing.
7) You have double booked yourself more than once.
8) You know by heart the theatres that will refund the price of a ticket with minimal fuss.
9) More than once, you have booked tickets on a less than suitable date / less than ideal seat with the intention of exchanging them if the tickets you want become available. (This goes hand in hand with point 8).
10) Sums of money only make sense if you equate them with number of plays you can see if you spend the money on tickets.

And with that final point, which makes it obvious what charmed and privileged lives we lead, I will stop. Please add your own in the comments.

6 responses to “List: You know you go to the theatre a lot when…

  1. I love that I know someone who both relishes theatre so much and is in such a lucky position to prioritise theatre-going in their life/circumstances. Could not compete with you and pretty sure I lack the stamina to do so! And I hope you know all these 10 points are good things?!

    • I know all ten examples are borderline crazy, THAT I know 🙂 As for prioritising theatre, yes I am very lucky and it takes a lot of stubborness too, as many are the evenings I am too tired and would happily go home if I didn’t already have a ticket for something. And almost never do I regret it.

  2. Well I thought I was a bit of a Theatre addict.. reading both your lists, turns out you both exceed it!

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