Comic Relief does Shakespeare (and a rare opportunity to see Jonathan Pryce as Hamlet)

We are still on Comic Relief weekend (which reminds me, if you haven’t donated already, do it now) and it’s right and proper there has been much talk about its many achievements over 25 years. Yet, despite extensive discussion, some are still overlooked. Like its contribution to Shakespearean studies.

Many have asked the question: could have Shakespeare benefited from an editor? But no one gave as succinct an answer as that:

(Sketch: ‘A Small Rewrite’, Hugh Laurie as Shakespeare and Rowan Atkinson as the editor, Comic Relief 1989).

Many puzzled over the themes of Hamlet, what if Hamlet’s father didn’t want revenge?

(Jonathan Pryce as Hamlet, Harry Enfield / Stavros as the Ghost, Comic Relief 1989).

And what happens when a teacher (who looks suspiciously like David Tennant) tries to teach Lauren the value of Shakespeare’s sonnets and gets a lesson of his own.

(David Tennant as the teacher, Catherine Tate as Lauren, Comic Relief 2007)

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