In honour of Nora Ephron, five story ideas to shake the (online) world

Developed from twitter banter a few days ago and in honour of Nora Ephron who wrote the first (is it?) online romance story, five story ideas to shake your digital world.

1) Young man is up for a new job, but first, in a race against time, he desperately needs to boost his online presence in order to bury a controversial blog story written about him ten years ago.

2) A newspaper theatre critic and a blogger get into an online fight, and the newspaper critic challenges the blogger into a duel (that consists of who can write a 200 words review quicker at the end of a press night. The blogger complains that 200 words are not enough and he doesn’t need to restrict himself as newspaper critics do). The night before the duel, the theatre critic turns up dead. The blogger has 24 hours to clear his name.

3) In a tweetup, ten theatre bloggers come together but throughout the night, one by one, they start disappear. Are the theatre critics attending the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber next door to blame or does each of the bloggers have a dark secret?

4) Big nosed Will is so witty that he sells tweets to his friends. When one of his friends arranges a date on the basis of these tweets, they need to find a way of maintaining the deception.

5) And last but not least, the idea that spawned this blog post: a mockumentary follows five theatre bloggers as they purchase tickets the minute booking opens, write on public transport, tweet, hunt for bargains and try to have a day job as well. Simon Russell Beale, Andrew Scott and David Tennant are all up for voice overs.

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