Four business ideas to change the world

In a series of (hopefully infrequent) posts that have no value whatsoever, I put my idle mind in weird use. Inspired by The Apprentice, here are the four business ideas that will change your life (and mine because they will make me very rich).

1) A search engine that will use an algorithm to find the most interesting and rare references about a subject (as opposed to the most linked commonly used ones). With current search engines, it’s easy to find so much information about a subject that it’s easy to think it’s the only information available.

2) A rental suitcase business: a good (and sturdy) suitcase is expensive, it is used infrequently and when not used, it takes a lot of space. Instead of buying a suitcase, you rent one, you had it delivered and picked up at a fraction of the retail price.

3) A social network that works as a private club: Facebook is dead. It might take a very long time to die but it is so uncool and common as dirt that a shift to more exclusive networks is inevitable. There are online networks of private clubs, but this will be a social network that works as a private club: with recommendation, a vetting process and subscription.

4) There is no fourth idea. I am trying to find a weird funny preposterous one, but I don’t think I can compete with what’s actually out there.

One response to “Four business ideas to change the world

  1. Am with all three of your ideas in principle and tho I suspect you’re right about FB I do use it in a way I suspect few do. Many posts and esp images are limited to specific people oon mine. I do like the idea of a social private club, mind…

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